V Expressions Ltd custom kit expansions are the fastest way to bring your Roland or Pearl drum module to Life!

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Get Started Now!

Welcome to V Expressions Ltd! To get started, simply choose your module above! We have numerous expansions of custom kits for the Pearl Mimic and nearly all Roland TD Drum Modules!

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Armory, Arsenal, Balance & Vault X for the Roland TD-50X! Reality, MAXX, and Venue LIVE for the Roland TD-27! Masters Series for the Roland TD-17 contains 75+ artist kits covering 5 decades! Professional for the Pearl Mimic supplies 80+ realistic kits for professional results.

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Who We Are

V Expressions Ltd has supported Roland Corporation's line of TD Drum Modules with custom kit modeling since 1998. Through the years, V Expressions Ltd has expanded to provide expansions for nearly every Roland TD Drum Module that has been released.

V Expressions Ltd continues to support new TD Drum Modules from Roland as they are released. With the release of the TD-50, V Expressions Ltd is continuing to offer incredible kits to bring your V-Drums to life. We plan to continue offering our great services for many more years to come.

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