TD-50 Expansions

Title Description  
Atlas 20+ Genre based modern Hip Hop & Electronic kits for plug n' play.
Foundations A diverse collection of Acoustic, Studio & Produced kits for any situation!
Generations Our best-selling artist & band kits based on Top 50, Giggin' Kits & Infinity!
Infinity Our best realistic acoustics in various styles and genres for professional results!
Studio X A cutting collection of detailed kits, with a "toolbox" of tom/cym kits & much more!


Please read the following FAQs very carefully if you are considering upgrading your module to a 50X.

Do TD-50 kits work with the TD-50 firware upDATE? Yes. The TD-50 firware update is simply for adding more pad compatibility and servicing bugs. Our current TD-50 expansions and kits WILL continue to work after you update your firmware. This should NOT be confused with the TD-50X upgrade.

Do TD-50 kits work with the TD-50X or 50X upGRADE? No. Due to a completely new library and engine changes in the TD-50X and 50X upgrade, TD-50 kits (both VEX & User) will no longer work after upgrading the TD-50 to the 50X upgrade, or with a new TD-50X module. The expansions are proprietary to their original firmware platform. As mentioned above, they WILL work with the free and simple TD-50 firmware update.

I've already upgraded and I cannot play my TD-50 VEX kits. As mentioned above, your TD-50 kits are proprietary to the original firmware engine platform and library. If you wish to downgrade to continue playing your V Expressions Ltd kits, you may find this information on Roland's website here. If you experience issues during upgrading or downgrading your module, please remember to contact Roland. We cannot help you with these issues.

Will you be upgrading the TD-50 expansions and kits to the TD-50X? No. We will be creating completely new expansions for the TD-50X and 50X upgrade. This is due to the proprietary reasons stated above.

Will you be making new kits for the TD-50X or 50X upgrade? Yes. We will be developing new expansions during the summer of 2021 and the first releases should begin rolling out in Q3/Q4.

Will you be offering discounts on the new 50X expansions? We will take discounts into consideration as we approach release dates. Expansions take months of development. When initial releases are ready to roll out, we will likely offer a limited introductory discount as we have on releases in the past. The good news is ALL customers, past and future, will benefit.

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