Series 3

V Expressions Ltd is proud to announce our first release for the TD-17!

Series 3 for the TD-17 provides 25 specialized drum kit selections.

All 25 kits were created using the on-board Roland Stock samples plus 5 sampled snares exclusively created by V Expressions Ltd as sample .WAV data and inserted into the sub-layer for depth and character.

Series 3 was designed with minimal to little ambience added. Any ambience used was to produce a fuller sounding instrument, and not create a wet or reverb environment. This will be especially useful for live and recording drummers alike.

For all experience levels and functionality, this pack will deliver a great sound enhancement to the TD-17. It features pre-programmed support of Crash 2, programmed as a crash cymbal with respect to the kit and other cymbals. Auxiliary input is programmed as an additional cymbal or Tom 4. (both options provided)

The Series 3 expansion pack has been ear-created on the TD-17 from scratch on a highly expressive platform.

The expansion kit listing can be found in the manual to your right >>>

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Mobile Customers: If you do not reach your download, contact the programmer above for delivery.  
Series 3