Studio X

W e are proud to announce our newest series for the TD-50! Studio X takes it up a notch from our Foundations series by providing a more realistic, detailed, cutting collection of new kits designed specifically for gigging, recording, or even jamming at home.

Studio X is designed to blend realistically with your music or band, and brings you 35 new kits featuring uniquely edited components and various styles of processing and production in minor adjustment for superb consistency; from naturally raw to full-on, record-ready production.

An additional "toolbox" of kits include 7 toms sets with 5 toms each, 2 snare banks offer a total of 12 alternative tight and full snares, 1 bass drum bank brings 6 alternative bass drums, and 5 newly produced cymbal sets range from dark to bright, and everything in between. Even with these tools at your ready, you still get many uniquely distinct additional alternative sounds in the main kits! Result? A massive amount of sounds and styles to work with and create the kits of your dreams!

V Expressions Ltd kits can always be edited any way you desire. You retain total control by mixing and matching components into new kits, exchanging components between kits, and or keeping/dumping V-Edit, EQ, or Compression settings as you wish! Cymbal sets include a default panning setup for easily copying panning alone to any kit you customize or create. All toolbox banks are pre-produced for easy copying to achieve consistent production results every time. Copy toms, snares, etc. with or without pad EQ/Comp as you desire. By doing so, you can retain a destination kit's production sound, bring a production sound with your copy, or even copy a production sound to another kit! (see our Tips n’ Tricks section below for more info) Create custom kits with your favorite desired sounds in seconds!

Cymbal modeling on this expansion has been designed to reflect brighter commonly used Zildjian and Paiste cymbals in the industry. Our "Toolkit" cymbals also expand your sound palette with darker and fuller alternatives. The general cymbal set used for the majority of kits consists of modeled 14” Hi-Hats (mostly bright, with a dark alternative on some classic kits), a 20” Paiste Signature Ride, and 17” & 18” A Custom Crashes - all with an updated, brighter and more realistic production. Aux 1 & 2 are modeled as 10” & 12” A Custom Splashes. Aux 3 & 4 are modeled as a 21” China High and a 15” K Custom Dark. The five additional cymbal sets are reflect darker, fuller, and trashier tweaked cymbal options that will fit well with all kits without varying the sound too much.

Studio X kits are inspired by commonly recorded sounds & production styles throughout the decades. Kits are designed turn-key to fit with an array of styles, generations, and genres of music in multiple types of environments - everything from dry to wet, and raw to fully produced! Studio X is an expansion pack perfect for those looking for consistent cutting sound in both professional and non-professional settings alike, with all the hard work already done for you!

The expansion kit listing can be found in the manual to your right >>>

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IMPORTANT! This expansion WILL NOT work with the TD-50X. Read our TD-50X FAQ here.

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Studio X
50 Combo - Save $20
Studio X & Foundations Combo for the TD-50
50 Tri-Pack - Save $30
Studio X, Foundations, & Infinity Tri-Pack for the TD-50
50 Wide-Pack - Save $30
Studio X, Infinity, & Generations Wide-Pack for the TD-50
50 Quad-Pack - Save $40
Studio X, Foundations, Generations & Infinity Quad-Pack for the TD-50