Bring Your Roland V-Drums to Life! V Expressions LTD offers custom modeled kits for Roland's TD-50, TD-30, TD-25, TD-20 & 20X, TD-15, TD-12, TD-11, TD-10, TD-9 & 9v, TD-8 and TD-6 series drum modules.

Latest News

New for the TD-50! Foundations | Vol 1

V Expression's first release for the TD-50 will provide you a "Foundation" of diverse kits of different styles for any & every situation. Learn more >>>

New for the TD-15! Masters | Vol 1

Our first volume of Masters for your TD-15 will bring you 25 artists kits for jamming, gigging, and rocking out. Learn More >>>

Coming soon!

We continue to create expansions for many Roland TD drum modules. We currently have more in the works for the 50, 30, 25, 15 & 11! Check back often for new releases!

About V Expressions LTD

V Expressions LTD has supported Roland TD modules with custom kit programming since 1999. Over the years, V Expressions has expanded to provide expansions for nearly every Roland drum module.


V Expressions continues to support new releases from Roland as they become available. With the release of the TD-50, V Expressions LTD will continue to offer incredible kits to bring your V-Drums to life for many more years to come.


V Expressions LTD offers Butt-Kickers. -