Our Team

Chris BlooD

Chris is V Expressions Ltd's technical expert in midi, legacy modules, and live performance. He founded V Expressions Ltd in 1997 with expansion modeling for the TD-10. Chris continues to support expansion of the vast majority of Roland's TD drum module line-up today, along with some Yamaha offerings as well.

Alan Miller

Alan is the V Expressions Ltd guru for all things flagship and website related. He joined Chris as a co-owner in 2004, with the release of some of V Expressions Ltd's most popular expansions; Giggin' Kits, and the Top 50 Drummers series for the TD-12 and TD-20. Today, Alan continues to expand offerings with expansions for the Pearl Mimic Pro.


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Our History

Founded in 1997, V Expressions Ltd came to the electronic v-drumming world with the vision of providing high quality modeling support for Roland's V-Drums TD drum module products.

V Expressions Ltd's mission to provide incredible sound enhancing expansions for Roland V-Drums TD drum modules continues today with new releases for the latest flagships and legacy V-Drum TD modules.

In 2018, support was added to our line-up for the Pearl Mimic Pro; and in 2022, Alan joined DW as head audio engineer as we branched out to help research develop the new DWe drum kit.

Chris and Alan pledge their commitment to continue providing high quality product enhancements and customer service for many years to come!

  • 2022 - Alan joins DW to help research & develop DWe
  • 2018 - Added support for Pearl Mimic Pro
  • 2017 - Rebrand & expand support for TD-50
  • 2012 - Additional expanded support for TD-30
  • 2008 - Additional expanded support for TD-9 & 20X
  • 2004 - Rebrand & expand support for TD-6, 8, 10X & 20
  • 1997 - V Expressions Ltd founded upon release of the TD-10