An animal of a completely new design, surReal brings you 50+ brand new highly realistic kits, with detailed environmental ambiance, for practice, professional gigging, & turn-key recording.

We continually listen and improve our development process to bring our customers the kits, sounds and quality they demand. surReal is meeting these requests with natural, light, and medium mixed and processed kits - with slightly drier, more realistic environmental ambiance, and ready-made options for everything from woodshed practice to live performance, and high-quality home recording. The kits are plug n’ play ready for any other these situations!

Not only does surReal bring you the new incredible features above, it provides you over 75 modeled & ready-to-paste instruments! With new Mimic copy features, you can clone any kit with the overall production sound you desire, and then copy in any of our default instruments, to create amazing new customized kits in just minutes!

Instruments within kits have already been customized with unique tuning, as well as mic, reverb, ASR, and other adjustments to achieve a unique environment and sound. Any favorites you find here can be saved and copied into any other kit! The possibilities are truly endless!

The following “default” instruments have been modeled to provide quick n’ easy loading into any new cloned custom kit.

(11) Bass Drums: Smooth, Tight Smooth, Vintage, Bubinga, Cannon, Gavin, GenPower, PowerFull, Old School, Roomy, & Raw
(18) Snares: Hollow, Piccolo, Jr High, Splat, 1980, Airy, Maple, Old School, Vintage, Funky, Sloppy, Smooth, GrebPop, Jazzy, Muffle, Popcorn, XStick Hi, XStick Lw
(8) Tom Sets: Maple, Bebop, Calfskin, Classic, Old School, Mahogany, Studio, Vintage
(9) Cymbals: Z Brights (CR1/2), B Darks L&R(CR1/2), Z Splashes (aux1/2), K Dark RR (aux4), Z China Hi (aux3), Z Trash 12” (aux3)
(5) Rides: K Dry, Sweet, K Constinople, Earth, Jazz
(3) Hats: (1) Clean, (1) Dark, (1) NuBeat

Ultimately, surReal kits are inspired by our customer’s desire for more realistic acoustics, with varied processing levels, to fit with endless music options. Nearly every music style is easily represented. Kits are developed in a manner to fit with today’s high-quality sound in recording and gigging, and will blend with live bands and instruments fluidly. As this expansion is more realistic in nature, further light volume mixing to match your needs should be expected at the instrument level.

Cymbal modeling on this expansion has been designed to reflect brighter commonly used Paiste/Zildjian and darker Byzance cymbals in the music industry. Tunings vary across kits to achieve the kit’s overall intended voice, and can be easily re-tuned or replaced with a copy as desired.

V Expressions Ltd kits can be edited any way you desire. You retain total control of all modeling, mixing and production!

Note: You must update your Mimic to version 1.0.8 prior to installation.

The expansion kit listing can be found in the manual to your right >>>

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Mobile Customers: If you do not reach your download, contact the programmer above for delivery.  
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