Atlas for Roland TD-27v2, 30, 50 & 50X!

 Atlas provides 20+ drum kits selections and is your road map with plug n play kits designed for ease of use, selection, and fit your mix capabilities. Atlas is completely built from scratch for each supported module platform

Fully genre based, Atlas is variety laden with something new for many musical situations, recording and live performance alike. Most of the pack is acoustic drum based, featuring well defined kicks, snares, & toms for real world use. Well thought out cymbal selections and tunings provide a balanced group of cymbals custom tailored to each kit

Modern Hip Hop, Electronic, VST idea created, & programmed sounds also included. Customers requested; V Expressions Ltd delivers several kits that feature well executed modern Electronica kits.   

Expect an assortment of excellent instrumentation, use of master FX (when available on your module) to make playing fun and interesting, along with well-placed percussive accessories programmed through many of the kits. It spotlights great production value for clear/concise recording quality with an overall modern postproduction drum sound approach).  

The expansion kit listing can be found in the manual to your right >>>

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Atlas 9
for the TD-9v2
Atlas 11
for the TD-11
Atlas 15
for the TD-15
Atlas 17
for the TD-17 (v1&2)
Atlas 25
for the TD-25
Atlas 27v2
for the TD-27v2
Atlas 30
for the TD-30
Atlas 50
for the TD-50
Atlas 50X
for the TD-50X