B ased on the extreme success of our “Professional” pack for the Pearl Mimic Pro, we’ve started from scratch with Infinity. Using industry-standard mixing techniques as our approach, we’ve achieved a brand-new level of realistic power to result in the best kits available to date for the TD-50!

Infinity’s kits are designed with more power to bring the real feel of an actual acoustic in your presence. Kits offer extremely improved realism for nearly any situation or demand and are intended for everything from simple practice to professional gigging & recording. Infinity provides naturally dry, lightly produced, and even all the way to very heavily mastered metal kits for all your needs.

The best part of Infinity is the brand-new ambience design platform! This makes every kit’s environment space infinitely adjustable! We’ve taken careful consideration with Infinity to offer a completely new platform that produces a wider range of Ambience modification. The ambience section is re-designed from the ground up for extremely fast modification of your environmental effects. This allows you to take any kit from a dead booth all the way up to a large chamber with little effort. With our pre-modeled room, reverb, and enhancement effects, you can add Reverb and Enhancement as desired to our default room modeling! With just a few small adjustments, you can now take environmental Ambience of a kit to all new dimensions never offered before. (see the Tips & Tricks section in the manual for more info)

Listening to customer’s desires, Infinity brings the far more realistic sound TD-50 drummers have been asking for. Infinity meets these requests with more powerful, natural kits, with varying degrees of processing, and unlimited, controllable environmental ambience. Infinity kits provide this realistic dry-to-wet environmental space, while producing a more cutting and true drum kit sound. Simply put, you can now have the feel of a powerful acoustic kit in your very presence, and in any room environment you desire!

Infinity also provides turn-key extras, ready for your custom creation. Four alternative tom sets with 5 toms each, and four alternative bass drums, are ready for your own personal customization and creation via copy into any kit.

Cymbal modeling across the kits on this expansion are modeled to reflect brighter commonly used Zildjian A Customs. Tunings may vary slightly across kits to achieve the kit’s overall intended voice. Three alternative Zildjian K cymbal dark cymbal sets in three different mix variations ready for copying to any kit. (the K crashes are awesome!)

Infinity is completely and newly designed for truly realistic acoustics in various production states and spaces, and to fit in numerous music spaces and situations. If you desire a vast offering of professional mixed acoustics in various levels of production that you can consider your own, Infinity is for you.

The expansion kit listing can be found in the manual to your right >>>

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IMPORTANT! This expansion WILL NOT work with the TD-50X. Read our TD-50X FAQ here.

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50 Duo-Pack - Save $20
Generations & Infinity Duo-Pack for the TD-50
50 Tri-Pack - Save $30
Studio X, Foundations, & Infinity Tri-Pack for the TD-50
50 Wide-Pack - Save $30
Studio X, Infinity, & Generations Wide-Pack for the TD-50
50 Quad-Pack - Save $40
Studio X, Foundations, Generations & Infinity Quad-Pack for the TD-50