Evolution: (ev•o•lu•tion ev-uh-loo-shuh n): a product of such development; something evolved.

For the TD15, these 50 new drum kits are plug and play ready for all experience levels and drum set functionality. 10 kits feature highly expressive cymbal sets, recreating sought after Paiste, Ufip, Zildjian, and Sabian cymbals.

Created for gigging, recording and general use, you'll be able to use these kits as a reference point to create your personal masterpieces. All kits have been fashioned using the onboard SuperNATURAL sounds of the TD-15.

These are not new samples or added third party material. The TD-15 is not capable of uploading new samples to its wave board. All sounds have been professionally formulated and highly tweaked for your satisfaction. You may notice a difference in the volume of the module versus the stock kits, as well as other enhancements to most of the instrumentation that make up our kits.

Derived from the actual acoustic drum set counterparts, these setups have been detailed for sonic realism and put into standard environments.

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for the TD-15