Introducing V Expressions Ltd’s CONCEPTS for TD-15

This expansion pack for the TD-15 provides 19 specialized drum kit selections. All kits were created from their acoustic drum counterparts with minimal to little ambience added. Ambience used was to produce a fuller sounding instrument, and not intentionally used to create a wet or reverb environment. This will be especially useful for live and recording drummers alike. Overall kit volumes are lower by 10% (set at 90) to help with digital recording system volume requirements. You can easily pump up the volume to 100 per the Kit VOL selections in edit mode. The master EQ is highly tweaked for unparalleled response and sound. 

 Programming for kits that represent Experimental, Project, Research & Development, One-offs, Rare, Never in production, & Odd sizing.

For the TD-15 version: (1) backup file is included: AUX that has been programmed as TOM 4 (lowest pitch).
We’ve included the individual kit files to load at your convenience. This saves the trouble of bulk loading the kits and possibly losing kit position/information, while having to reconfigure the pads continually.

For all experience levels and functionality, this pack will deliver a great enhancement to the TD-15.  Features pre-programmed support of Crash Two as a crash cymbal and AUX as a Tom 4. All the kits are uniform in level and panning. 

All selections have been fashioned using the onboard SuperNATURAL sounds of the TD-15. These are not new samples or added third party material. The TD-15 is not capable of uploading new samples to its wave board. All sounds have been professionally formulated and highly tweaked for your satisfaction.

 The CONCEPTS expansion pack has been ear-created on the TD-15 from scratch on a brand new platform that features a subtle ambient environment. Additionally for your convenience, the supplied manual contains special live tips and settings suggestions when using your TD-15 in a live performance situation.  It also contains a greatly expanded loading troubleshooting guide. 

We recommend VDrumLib as the preferred V-Drum Kit Librarian for sorting, arranging and more. Give yourself the ability to rearrange and edit kits in seconds at the computer, rather than hours at the module. Be sure to check it out!

The expansion kit listing can be found in the manual to your right >>>

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for the TD-15