The Acoustics expansion pack is based on the platforms of Master Picks and Exotics. This group of 50 sets is a terrific, well groomed, all – purpose pack. 50 modeled acoustic drum sets and cymbals, with minimal master effects. Real sounding drum sets for real world applications.

This pack also introduces some real “hard to find” drum sets very close to the Exotics category. Examples include a Trixon Speedfire set - an extremely rare set that had an egg-shaped bass drum, Pearl Roto-Tom Fiber Shell kit, a Sonor Lite Birch set, a Lely Symphonic drum set made in the 20’s, a 1983 Premier Resonator Black Shadow fusion edition (very rare) and a studio standard Noble and Cooley CD maples Kit w/20” kick drum.

Recording, rehearsing, gigging, at church, at home, playing and performing anywhere, this pack will set you up with 50 drum sets that will get you noticed.

The TD-20 version of this expansion can be used on your TD-12 to access the additional tom(s) and cymbals. VDrumLib and a USB-to-Midi interface is required to convert and transfer the TD-20 version to your TD-12 module.

Included with your Acoustics pack setup is a backup that contains a wet "effected" version. This will include all the great drum kits from the drier version, but with added reverb (only available on the 20), EQ, and ambience. Use these version kits to simulate large venue ambience when a "cavernous" sound environment is desired.

The expansion kit listing can be found in the manual to your right >>>

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Acoustics & Acoustics FX
for the TD-30, 20X, 20 & 12
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