Introducing V Expressions Ltd’s Classics for TD-25!

 Thank you for choosing Classics. This expansion pack for the TD-25 provides 18 specialized drum kit selections. This pack was created using Audio Technica: ATH-M50x headphones with no module tone adjustments (Set at 0). For live use, you may want to adjust the tone settings to accommodate your audio needs.

 Drums and cymbals were matched and created to blend together. All kits were fashioned from their acoustic drum counterparts with minimal reverb added. Any reverb used was to produce a fuller sounding instrument, and not to create a wet reverb environment. Your module firmware must be version 1.10 or newer to load Classics.

 This design features pre-programmed support of Crash Two as a crash cymbal and Aux as a splash cymbal (Backup and Kit files) and Tom 4 (Kit file only). However, some kits will have a stacked/trash/ or china cymbal in the Aux position on the CYM version. All the kits are uniform in level and panning. It is required to use a USB thumb drive formatted in the TD-25 to load Classics.

 This pack is supplied with a bulk load file, as well as individual kit files to conveniently load one at a time. This manual easily explains the loading procedures, and also includes an expanded troubleshooting guide.

 All kits have been fashioned using the onboard SuperNATURAL sounds of the TD-25. These are not new samples or added third party material. The TD-25 is not capable of uploading new samples to its wave board. All sounds have been professionally formulated and highly tweaked for your satisfaction.

 The CLASSICS expansion pack has been ear-created on the TD-25 from scratch on a highly expressive platform.

Our supplied manual contains special live tips and settings suggestions when using your expansion in a live performance situation.  It also contains a greatly expanded loading troubleshooting guide. 

The expansion kit listing can be found in the manual to your right >>>

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