Introducing V Expressions Ltd’s CORE for the Roland TD-07!

This expansion pack for the TD-07 provides 10 Custom built drum kit selections. All kits were created with variable ambience added. Any Ambience used is to produce a fuller sounding instrument, and not create a wet or “too much reverb” environment. For all experience levels and functionality, this pack will deliver a great enhancement to the TD-07. 

Features a custom GMS 1996 Grand Session Maple, 1971 3 Ply Ludwig Maple (one the most recorded drum sets in history), mid 60’s Slingerland Radio King, RBH Monarch for Jazz in Birdseye Maple, 1979 Sonor Phonic Beech kit, John Bonham on the mighty Vistalite, a rare Gretsch Nitro with 26” bass drum,  also including a funk, electronic, and Latin Salsa kit. 

NOTE: The TD-07 does not have backup capabilities via SD Card/USB Thumb Drive or Midi Bulk transfer via USB. This pack will require you to print out each kit guide sheet, and manually input all the settings from the sheets.

The CORE expansion pack has been ear-created on the TD-07 from scratch.

The expansion kit listing can be found in the manual to your right >>>

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Mobile Customers: If you do not reach your download, contact the programmer above for delivery.  
for the TD-07