V Expressions Ltd is excited to announce “Reality” - a brand new and unique expansion for the Roland TD-27! Reality offers drummers an opportunity to quickly choose and or dial in the perfect kit for every type of playing need.

Reality’s kits offer slight tuning, instrument, and production variations from kit-to-kit, as well as alternative instrument voices - all within numerous genres, & production styles. Drummers will love numerous snare possibilities, cymbal voice collections, and much more that are designed to easily copy from any kit-to-kit. A “Kit Key” is provided to find all the different options with ease while you audition voices to build your dream kit.

While some genres of kits may sound similar across their “mini collection”, the magic happens when they are mixed with music. This is where the drummer recognizes the subtle differences in modeling, EQ, compression, tuning, and mastering effects - which lead to the different way kits cut through music. Additionally, these mini collections of genres and styles offer alternative kick, snare, & cymbal voices to mix and match as desired.

While Reality is not an exact “artist” replica modeled expansion, this collection was designed highly inspired by top artists’ instrument voices, tunings, and top industry standard production mixing techniques - creating modern and realistic results that will sound like your own real acoustic mic’d and produced kit in various professional environments and styles.

Some artists that inspired the sounds, tunings, kits & production in this expansion include Nick Mason of Pink Floyd, Jeff Porcaro of Toto, Liberty Devitto of Billy Joel, John Bonham of Led Zepplin, David Garibaldi of Tower of Power, Dave Weckl of Chick Corea, Neil Peart of Rush, & Vinnie Coliauta, as well as more influences from the 80's & 90's - including STP, Puddle of Mudd, Creed, The Outfield, Van Halen, Maroon 5, Living Colour, Paramore, Inxs, Yes, David Bowie, Disturbed, Dream Theater, and more!

Reality kits are designed with instruments that will seamlessly copy into the other kits for endless options and customization. The expansion and every instrument in every kit is purposely designed to offer easy options to create an unlimited number of additional and alternative kits with slight variations - enabling the player to build the perfect collection of instruments, sounds, & production in a personal custom kit for anything.

Quickly choose from a style, try optional kit voices within that style’s mini collection of kits, and further decide if you want acoustic, studio, or punchy results by mixing instruments from different styles! You will be able to find your favorite overall kit and copy in desirable kicks, snares, toms, & cymbals from other kits across the entire pack to design your own custom dream kit.

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