Origins brings you a robust foundation of 50 turn-key detailed and defined kits designed for practice, gigging, & recording.

Kits are inspired by authentic, raw, and commonly recorded sounds, and many production styles throughout drumming history and the music industry.

Each kit is designed to blend realistically with your music and band, with consistent and diverse styles of processing, from naturally raw to full-on, ready-to-record production. Levels across the entire collection of kits are matched for the best consistency in kit-to-kit volume.

Origins’ kits offer an array of styles, generations, and genres of music in various types of environments, and is an expansion pack perfect for those looking for consistent cutting sound in both professional and non-professional settings alike! You’ll be able to quickly choose decade-based kits to emulate an era of time with specific genres.

Additionally, you are provided with many standard Maple, Birch and Bubinga sounds, with slight variations in production, tunings, rides, bass drums, and snares, etc. While these groups of kits will sound similar, there are minor differences in the areas mentioned to allow you to find the perfect kit for the moment across the entire collection.  

Cymbal modeling on this expansion has been designed to reflect brighter commonly used Zildjian and Paiste cymbals in the music industry. Some kits include darker models from Meinl and Sabian.

The general cymbal set modeled for the majority of kits consists of modeled 14” Hi-Hats (mostly bright, with a dark alternative on some classic style kits), a 20” Paiste Signature Ride, and 17” & 18” A Custom. Aux 1 & 2 are modeled as 10” & 12” A Custom Splashes. Aux 3 & 4 are modeled as a 21” China High and a 15” K Custom Dark, respectively. Additional Zildjian rock and sweet rides are sprinkled throughout the kits as applicable.

V Expressions Ltd kits can always be edited any way you desire. You retain total control of all modeling, mixing and production!

The expansion kit listing can be found in the manual to your right >>>

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