V Expressions Ltd introduces the brand new Drum Set Series (DS-1 Singles) for Yamaha DTXREME III & DTX900 Series Electronic Drum sets.

 The DS Series is a plug & play ready assortment for the working musician. 6 specific major brand type kits, will satisfy even the most demanding drummer/ producer/ musician in a pinch. Designed to be easy to use, navigate, and sound fantastic, these drum sets can add a much needed quick–fix in difficult ambient and recording situations. You can choose the right kit for the condition at hand with individual offerings. These drum sets are a great addition to your DTXTREME III or DTX 900 system. Modeled and designed primarily for recording, you can get that tight punch you’ve been looking for. . Slight eq, volume, and ambient/effect adjustments may be necessary to suit live environments.

 All MP3 samples were recorded using SoundForge 10 with a Focusrite Pro 24 DSP interface with 12% Compression on the main input gain source. The input signal is directly from the DTXTREME III Module L/R Master outputs. No other alterations or modifications were made to the sound. The songs are internal songs that come with the Yamaha DTXREME III module.

 This programming will only work and load into a Yamaha DTXTREME III or DTX 900 Drum module. Below you can purchase the individual kits one by one as you need them, or buy all 6 with the combo pack offering. Loading instructions are included with each purchase.

The expansion kit listing can be found in the manual to your right >>>

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