Apex is a valuable system enhancement now available for the Roland TD-11 drum module.  Subtle environments have been created for each drum kit using slight ambience variations along with master effects settings.  With full user control, you can adjust the ambience levels to your suitable tastes without affecting the drum kit sound. 

This special designed pack is for general, recording, and live use. Apex provides 30 general use kits.  This pack has been purposely created for the live and recording drummer needing specific kits that are plug and play ready. 

For all experience levels and functionality, Apex is based on a standard TD-11 default trigger set-up.   It includes pre-programmed support for Crash 2.   All the kits are uniform in level and panning.

All kits feature the SuperNATURAL sounds of the TD-11.  Use them to create your masterpiece drum setups. 

All sounds have been professionally formulated and highly tweaked for your satisfaction. You may notice a difference in the volume of the V Expressions Ltd creative kits versus the Roland stock kits, as well as other enhancements to most of the instrumentation that make up our kits.

The Apex expansion pack has been ear - created on the TD-11 from scratch on a highly expressive platform. All kits have been tested using a live and headphone control room setting. 

Download the Apex Expansion Pack from V Expressions Ltd. We hope you enjoy it!

We recommend VDrumLib as the preferred V-Drum Kit Librarian for sorting, arranging and more. Give yourself the ability to rearrange and edit kits in seconds at the computer, rather than hours at the module. Be sure to check it out!

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