Studio Kits

Studio Kits 1 is 40 incredible sounding kits based on the best sounds and experience put into our already famous Top 50 Drummers collection. This expansion is saturated with kits covering pop, rock, country, old school and more! This expansion offers v-drummers the chance to sit behind and record some of the best sounding kits for the Roland drum modules are capable of producing. Ten user spaces are left (41-50) to create and build the drumset of your dreams from instruments in any of the 40 kits or to add their 10 favorite kits from any of our other expansions.

Studio Kits 2 is a collection of over 40 more incredibly modeled kits based on today's latest sounds! This expansion is saturated with kits covering alternative, rock, metal, rapcore, funk, jazz and more! It's fully customizable; allowing the user to continue modifying the kits or even copying their favorite components to a whole new custom kit!

The Studio Kits 2 expansion is based on our customer's favorite Master Picks modeling technique to ensure incredible results and satisfaction right out of the box! It offers drummers the chance to sit behind plug n' play incredible sounds of today! This expansion focuses on sound, tuning and the minor differences found in today's music. For instance, the rock related kits are tuned in accordance to today's common keys; resulting in the modern explosive toms and lively cymbals associated with today's engineering and production techniques. Nearly all the kits are saturated with wet ambience to allow the drummer to choose or "dial-down" the wetness to their liking. Don't search for what's missing! "Dial-down" to meet your desired sound while keeping the integrity of your instrument! These kits are designed to mix-in with tracks and bands with very little post production!

The funk kits on Studio Kits 2 are designed to be used as lo-fi, funk, fusion and old school kits. They fit many genre of styles. This collection of kits can be used in live and recording situations by hobbyists, weekend warriors and professionals alike. Professional gigging and recording v-drummers can expand their library of custom kits to accommodate many musical genres, eras and types of drums they are looking for.

The TD-20 version of this expansion can be used on your TD-12 to access the additional tom(s) and cymbals. VDrumLib and a USB-to-Midi interface is required to convert and transfer the TD-20 version to your TD-12 module.

The expansion kit listing can be found in the manual to your right >>>

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Studio Kits 1
for the TD-30, 20X, 20 & 12
Studio Kits 2
for the TD-30, 20X, 20 & 12
Studio Kits Combo - Save $20
for the TD-30, 20X, 20 & 12
Producer's Pack - Save $40
Master Picks 1 & 2, Studio Kits 1 & 2
Drummer's Dream - Save $180
Giggin' Kits, Top 50 Drummers 1/2, Master Picks 1/2, Studio Kits 1/2, Professor's Pack, Vintage Kits
Expanded Dream - Save $270
for the 30 & 20X only - Giggin' Kits, Top 50 Drummers 1/2, Master Picks 1/2, Studio Kits 1/2, Professor's Pack, Vintage Kits, Engineer 1/2, VXT 1, 2 & 3