Introducing our first expansion - EXPRESS for SPD-30 (Ver. 2) OCTAPAD! Installation of the SPD-30 Version 2.03 firmware from Roland will be required in the to load and use this pack. 

This pack is designed for the SPD-30 to be used as a standalone drum set. Two versions of the same model (with different setups) will be available to load into the SPD-30

The pack features 8 well designed popular genre acoustic/electronic kit models and 1 extended percussion set

Programmed specific kits for:
  1. Reggae
  2. Rock
  3. Pop/RNB
  4. Funk
  5. Electronic/RNB
  6. Jazz
  7. Metal
  8. Country  

Layout guide with SPD30 facing up w/controls on right.

Examples from Express Manual:

File     |  Name    |  Description/Layout

Kit 03 :  EXP Rock     | Pad Positions:   1-T1      2-T2      3-T3     4-T4     5-Crash 1       6-Cowbell/Timbale     7-Stack Cym    8-Crash 2
  (VERSION 1)                External Triggers Required: Hi Hat pad with Pedal (FD7/8 or VH-11), Kick with pedal, Snare pad, Ride pad

Kit 15 :  SC Rock       | Pad Positions:   1-Crash    2-T1   3-T2  4-RD   5-Kick 2   6- Snare   7-T3    8-HH
 (VERSION 2)                    External Trigger Required: Kick with pedal

Version 1 (EXP) will require all 4 external trigger inputs as Kick, Snare, Ride, and Hi Hat.  This version is intended for the user to plug in pads to the external 4 trigger inputs (plus a pedal for the Hi Hat Controller) to make a complete drum set.  Kick, Ride, Snare and Hi Hat are NOT programmed on the pads of the SPD-30 but are on the external triggers.  The 8 pads are then programmed according to the kit description.   You can change your external pad type/setup without harming the model.

Version 1 (EXP) is designed for drummers who are using/performing with the SPD -30 as an expanded complete drum set with the use of external pads connected (Kick, Snare, Hi Hat, and Ride).

Version 2 (SC) will require 1 of the 4 external triggers (the external kick trigger only.)  This version is intended for the user to play the SPD-30 as self contained drum set (without the external pads for Snare, Hi Hat, or Ride required).  Snare, Hi Hat, and Ride are programmed on the pads of the SPD-30. 

Version 2 (SC) is designed for drummers using the SPD-30 as a self-contained drum set (Octapad only with kick drum trigger).

For those using the SPD-30 as an added percussion system to accompany their acoustic drum set, we offer the extended percussion set for sale separately.

The expansion kit listing can be found in the manual to your right >>>

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Mobile Customers: If you do not reach your download, contact the programmer above for delivery.  
for the SPD-30v2
Percussion Set
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