Generations finally brings the long-awaited combination of our absolute best-selling expansions ever to the TD-50! We’ve combined the essence of our three all-time best-selling expansions, Top 50 Drummers, Giggin’ Kits and Infinity, into one amazing expansion!

From Top 50 Drummers, we bring some of the best-known drummers spanning the last 6 decades. From our Giggin’ Kits, we mix in some of their best chart-topping bands ever known. From Infinity, we add that powerful remastered, realistic, and clean production sound that our customers have come to demand.

Generations is broken into three categories:

The “Generation X” section provides 20 kits of the 60’s & 70’s. (kits 01-20)
The “Generation Y” section provides 20 kits of the 80’& 90’s. (kits 21-40)
The “Generation Z” section provides kits of the 2000’s. (kits 41-60)

In all, you get 60 kits spanning 60 years!

Generations is the best of all worlds rolled into one. These kits offer fresh, tight, and punchy kicks & bottom end, cleanly compressed master mixes, and a livelier remastered and realistic sound to combine the feel of your own kit and the artists’ sound into one.

We’ve purposely varied mixes, brilliance, warmth, wetness, and much more to make this pack extremely versatile in use. Like Infinity, you’ll be able to almost infinitely create combinations of all types of things into brand new kits!

As always, kits are designed to cover multiple needs and bases. While these kits may have specific titles, bands, or names assigned to them, they will very often cover numerous bands of the relative times & eras. Many of these bands shared the same platinum-producing engineers over the years, as well as used the same studios. All these likenesses result in many similar mixes heard in countless other chart-topping bands of those eras and times. Try these kits with everything! After that, try mixing components of kits together to create all new kits!

Components are designed to mimic the best and well-known sounds over the decades represented, and it is easy to copy components from kit to kit to create new versions with different instruments. With Generations’ simple and cleanly designed master settings, it is now very easy to replicate the loss of master EQ and compression in live situations where you may desire to run direct out routing.

Generations took many months to craft, and we expect it to be one of our best expansions ever released.

Thanks for your interest in Generations!

The expansion kit listing can be found in the manual to your right >>>

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IMPORTANT! This expansion WILL NOT work with the TD-50X. Read our TD-50X FAQ here.

Mobile Customers: If you do not reach your download, contact the programmer above for delivery.  
50 Duo-Pack - Save $20
Generations & Infinity Duo-Pack for the TD-50
50 Wide-Pack - Save $30
Studio X, Infinity, & Generations Wide-Pack for the TD-50
50 Quad-Pack - Save $40
Studio X, Foundations, Generations & Infinity Quad-Pack for the TD-50