The Electronics expansion features an array of vintage to modern drum machines as well as some common TD module classics that some have forgot about. Don’t forget “the best of collection” from Alesis, Yamaha, and Ddrum. Hip Hop and R&B artists will be able to use this great XP pack loaded with goodies.

Tight groovin' kits to Boomy TR-808 monster kick drums; this pack will deliver the goods. The pack is designed for a standard V PRO S setup with default midi settings that integrates nicely with sequences and midi files. If you thought you had all the coolest sounds, try our Electronics expansion on for size. 50 kits that are much different than our Program 2 electronics. Every kit will be something new in your arsenal of drum kits.

The TD-20 version of this expansion can be used on your TD-12 to access the additional tom(s) and cymbals. VDrumLib and a USB-to-Midi interface is required to convert and transfer the TD-20 version to your TD-12 module.

The expansion kit listing can be found in the manual to your right >>>

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